Agemonia Core Game Kickstarter Edition English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives

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Agemonia Core Game Kickstarter Edition English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives

Agemonia, an enchanted world steeped in magic, is undergoing the greatest upheaval in its history. Earthquakes, tidal waves, electrical storms - the cataclysmic events are mounting, driving mortal races to the brink of war. What could this have to do with the reappearance of mysterious ancient devices? And what of the approaching darkness, reaching in from beyond the shadowy gates of the Breach?

Agemonia is a fully cooperative board game of challenging moral choices embedded in an expansive story for 1-4 players. Live your destiny and become the mightiest of unlikely heroes - or even the most hideous of villains - in this unforgettable adventure!

As your heroes explore the scenario map, story points will trigger, revealing more information about your surroundings. They can provide useful gear or treasure, spawn new enemies on the map, or give your hero the opportunity to test one of their abilities: strength, agility, or will by rolling dice and spending stamina. You spend stamina in the form of stamina chips, but these are also spent and flipped to the injury side when your hero takes damage, reducing the amount of stamina you have available. Each turn, your hero performs an action (such as attacking, healing, or channeling their abilities) and a maneuver (such as moving, meditating to regain precious stamina, or resting to heal their wounds). any order. Choose wisely, because the choice of your action also affects your turn order in the round, and coordinating your actions with your fellow heroes is crucial.

Each hero has one or more actions that allow them to attack by rolling dice and spending stamina. Attacks can be melee, ranged, or magic. Melee and ranged attacks require a weapon, and a good weapon improves an attack. Each hero has a choice of different attacks that they can change between scenarios on their hero board.

Each enemy attack has a fixed value and is linked to one of the 3 hero abilities: Might, Agility or Will. The attacked hero must test the appropriate ability to attempt to resist the attack. Damage is taken by flipping your hero's valuable stamina chips to the side of the wound. If the damage is too great, the hero will be wounded and receive an Injury. Some enemy attacks can inflict your hero with a negative condition like bleeding or entanglement, which he must overcome in order to continue his exploits."

The base game includes everything you need to play Agemonia plus all unlocked stretch goals applicable to the main box.

The Core Box is the base version of Agemonia and does NOT contain any miniatures other than the hero miniatures. All other characters are standees.

- Description from the publisher

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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