Darkest Dungeon base game German Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals / KS Exclusives

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"Doom has come to our family."

In this adaptation of Red Hook's acclaimed Darkest Dungeon video game, you'll endeavor to rid a mansion and its surroundings of all manner of evil: hordes of undead, foul beasts, and sinister abominations... Finally, you must, either on the threshold of the Death or at the end of your strength, drive evil out of even the darkest dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon is a fully cooperative dungeon crawling game where players take on the role of adventurers. Although adventurers are brave and determined, they are only human! They are vulnerable to the madness and pain inflicted on them by the twisted dungeon dwellers. Death can happen, but it's not the worst fate: the heroes can be driven insane and get no help!

The game is played in campaigns with 11 missions. To reach the darkest dungeon, players must complete 3 missions per threat level and defeat the boss. Then they are strong enough to face the horrors of the Darkest Dungeon! They will emerge victorious... if they eliminate the source of evil plaguing the land.

Select 3 out of 7 abilities for each hero before embarking on your mission (and level up heroes to gain access to more abilities). Choose the most appropriate stance in each room to resolve the conflict! Then, each turn, the player chooses two of the available actions: move, interact with the environment, change stance, or use a skill (if applicable to their current stance). Triumph over encounters, resist rampant madness, and emerge victorious before engaging in another battle. In between missions, you'll spend your time in the village, visiting various buildings to recover from the physical and mental trauma you just suffered. If you restore the hamlet to its former glory, it will reward you and help you achieve the ultimate goal.

Description from the publisher

130 (*131) miniatures

95 monsters
24 bosses and spawns
11 heroes
1 Musketeer (if applicable)

567 (*592) cards

346 (*367) mini euro cards
35 trinkets
20 plagues
21 positive quirks
21 Negative Quirks
5 affliction
5 virtues
8 initiative cards
231 hero ability cards
21 Musketeer Ability Cards (if applicable)

122 (*124) tarot cards
15 quest cards
85 monster and boss cards
22 hero PvP maps
2 Musketeer PvP Cards (if applicable)

62 cards in standard format
22 space cards
25 oddity cards
15 Hamlet Event Cards

14 special field cards
14 dungeon maps

23 (*25) large special cards
23 hero cards
2 Musketeer cards (if applicable)

260 different tiles

32 dice
8 exploration dice
16 provision cubes
4 dice for the Door of Death
4 D10s

42 panels and tiles
4 hero boards
8 exploration tiles
14 buildings
1 Hamlet panel
2 main dashboards
14 room tiles

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