Hexplore It: The Sands of Shurax Encounter Pack English

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This encounter deck introduces a new way to play The Sands of Shurax. All pre-existing encounters from the main box, expansion, and Living Card deck are reprinted with epic new art!

These decks offer a new way to play the game by dividing the encounters into their own deck. Also, these encounters are not limited to the volume they originally appeared in, so you can add and customize the encounters in any volume you play.

The content includes:
Rules insert detailing this new style of play
33 full art encounters
Boons offer new and increased rewards for the next encounter you encounter!
Cards to increase game difficulty. Each deck comes with 3 cards to increase the difficulty.
Conditions/Keyword List: Add conditions to each game that only appeared in specific volumes.
Role Variations: Updated rules for the roles that summon encounters

Boons were introduced in The Domain of Mirza Noctis. When you draw one of them from the encounter deck, you draw another card. If it's another gift, you move on. If the last card drawn is an encounter, you will receive additional rewards after the battle. If the card isn't an encounter (such as a difficulty increase), shuffle the boons back into the encounter deck. Boons offer new and increased rewards!

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