Mythic Battle Pantheon 1.5 Poseidon Expansion + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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Kickstarter Edition of Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5: Poseidon Expansion. Includes a narrative campaign for 2-4 players in 8 scenarios, 1 new game board with 2 new cards, punch boards with 8 ships, 1 new god: Poseidon 4 new heroes: Theseus, Andromeda, Periphetes (Kickstarter Exclusive), Antaeus 3 new monsters: Polyphemus, Scylla, Charybdis 15 new troops: Harpies (2), Sirens (5), Tentacles (8). Please note: unless otherwise noted, paid extensions from the Kickstarter campaign are not included.

From the depths he comes: Poseidon, the lord of the depths, is here to greet you!

The second major expansion is the water that quenches the fire of Hephaestus. It allows you to take your mythical battles to sea and battle the legendary sea monsters that lurk on the rugged shores of the Mediterranean.

This expansion includes a new campaign, new models, a new map, tokens, cards, and much more!

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