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Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana, circa 1980: a vibrant city of music, food and magic. Neon lights flicker in the filthy puddles of Bourbon Street, the modern world's innovations collide with ancient and horrifying traditions, and murder is never easy. Staffed by a cast of brilliant, colorful and ultimately vetted private investigators, the Beaumont Agency specializes in solving cases no one else can solve.

In The Dark Quarter, a cooperative app-driven adventure game set in a gritty, fantastical vision of 1980s New Orleans, each player takes control of a Beaumont agent and works together to solve the worst crimes the New Orleans has to offer. It's a world steeped in magic, where Hexes are sold on every street, where voodoo priestesses and creatures of the night lurk around every corner, and where even the most mundane crimes have an air of the supernatural about them.

Through multi-scenario campaigns, the game tells a rich, dynamic story and invites players to make critical decisions that will not only affect their characters, but also change the direction and course of the story. The characters are not just avatars that can be changed from scenario to scenario, but are woven into the fabric of the story itself. Her fate and the fate of New Orleans are inextricably linked.

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