Ashes Spiel `23 Special 8 Abio the Architect + Nova Aetas Graphic Novel + Promo Cards

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Ashes Spiel `23 Special 8 Abio the Architect + Nova Aetas Graphic Novel + Promo Cards

Celebrate Essen Spiel 2023 fair with a new stunning issue of the Ashes magazine, the biggest Ashes we ever published!
With Ashes Magazine #8 you will find a huge amount of content, plus a beautiful Graphic Novel dedicated to Nova Aetas too!
Furthermore, you will get promo material (for Black Rose Wars, Nova Aetas Renaissance, and Requiem) and a stunning Resin miniature: Fabio the Architect!
You will be able to use it in Black Rose Wars, Nova Aetas Renaissance, and Requiem!

Ashes Magazine #8 (40 pages) comes with:
– Exclusive box with Promo Resin Miniature: Fabio the Architect. Please note that the model comes unassembled in 3 parts (body, right arm, and base): you have to use glue to assemble it.
– Exclusive Volume 0 in English of Lux et Umbra, the graphic novel (16 pages) born from the world of Nova Aetas. The Italian edition of this novel will be published by Leviathan Labs.
– 1x Avatar Duel Card, 30x Command Cards, 1x Avatar Card (to play The Architect as Avatar in Black Rose Wars: Duel – Lex, Black Rose Wars, and Black Rose Wars: Rebirth).
– 2x Hero Sheets, 2x Skill Sheets, 9x Equipment Cards, 7x Relic Cards, 1x Blender Automaton Card, 1x Scraper Automaton Card, 11x Various Tokens (to play Fabio as a Hero in Nova Aetas Renaissance).
– 9x Equipment Cards, 1x Companion Token, 4x Simplified Action Tokens (to play Fabio as a Recurring Companion in Requiem).

Please note that the magazine and all material are in English language.

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