Ceres English Kickstarter + Stretchgoals/KS Exclusives + Extensions Gameplay All-In

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Ceres English Kickstarter + Stretchgoals/KS Exclusives + Extensions Gameplay All-In

YEAR: 2219

The time when the earth was the focus of human attention is over. The era of long-distance space travel and colonization of planets has arrived.
Mars has been colonized for more than 100 years. Today numerous institutions use Mars as the center of their activities. The Asteroid Mining Assembly of Corporations (AMAC) oversees asteroid mining operations.

Ceres, a dwarf planet amidst the chaos of the asteroid belt, is now home to the asteroid mining industrial complex.

As corporations compete for profit and power, and operations on Ceres grow rapidly, so does the demand for highly skilled workers.

Are you ready to start the mission and lead Ceres?
CERES is waiting for you!

Ceres is a 1-4 sci-fi worker placement game where players take on the role of an asteroid mining company in the near future and try to outperform their opponents and dominate Ceres! The game consists of 3 rounds, representing 3 years in Ceres and the respective full business cycles of the corporations. Players can choose from a variety of actions, including sending out mining probes to the asteroid belt, trading raw materials, building and upgrading their nuclear facilities, as well as expanding the Ceres colony, improving their technology through research, and collaborating with Mars -Advice to expand their power even further!
Developed in collaboration with an astrophysicist to enable the best thematic applications possible, Ceres brings some innovative twists to the worker placement genre!

-Description from the publisher


Core game Ceres
stretch goals
Comet's extension
Mars Contracts extension

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