Darkest Dungeon The Cove Expansion German Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals/KS Exclusives

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The mysteries of the deep beg to be explored and revealed! The cove expansion will add to your campaign the deep caves where the ancestor made his pacts with the aquatic beings - the fishermen - and it will bring you nightmares!

The expansion includes 4 new double-sided room tiles, as well as all cards associated with the bay location. The fishermen and some other nightmarish underwater creatures form the opponents here with 28 monster miniatures, including 8 unique monster sculptures, and 3 new bosses. 2 other heroes accompany you on your journey into the deep caves, the man with the weapons and the flagellant.

Description from the publisher

1 rule book

30 miniatures

20 monsters
8 bosses and their spawns
2 Heroes (The Flagellant and the Man With Guns)

131 cards

42 mini euro cards
42 hero ability cards

57 tarot cards
18 quest cards
35 monster and boss cards
4 hero PvP maps

28 cards in standard format
12 space cards
16 oddities

4 special large cards
4 hero cards

6 double-sided space tiles

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