Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court Expansion German Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals/KS Exclusives

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Enter the courtyard's once beautiful gardens, now derelict. But be careful, the former nobles who roam here have transformed into insect-like creatures that will do anything to suck every last drop of your blood.

The Crimson Court expansion introduces the once glorious court, now derelict and dangerous, and adds 6 new double-sided room tiles, including all associated cards. The location's fireblight-resistant, insect-like nuisances provide 42 monster miniatures, including 10 unique monster sculpts, and 4 new bosses. This expansion has the most monsters and bosses than any other.

Description from the publisher

1 rule book

42 miniatures
29 monsters
13 bosses and their spawns

86 cards

58 Tarot Cards
18 quest cards
40 monster and boss cards

28 cards in standard format
12 space cards
16 oddities

6 double-sided space tiles

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