DUN Dungeon Universalis English Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals/KS Exclusives

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This is the Kickstarter English Edition of Dungeon Universalis DUN Second Edition by Ludic Dragon Games

- Core box

- Stretch Goals

- Kickstarter Exclusive

- Tile Set 1

- Standees Set 1

A classic dungeon crawler board game for 1 to 6 players (ages 12+). The game contains many game modes, including a lone fighter mode. The DUN system combines the intuitive mechanics, card games and the almost unlimited possibilities and options of a role-playing game.
DUN contains a large narrative campaign and several independent quests. You can also design your own quests or simply use the ruleset, system and maps to recreate missions and quests from other dungeon crawlers.

The game adapts to any medieval fantastic background. However, it has its own background: that of the novel Raazbal, written by the game's author and published in 2010.

It is a game system that offers many different game modes:
Standard Mode with a Dark Player: The dark player is another player that competes against the other players. In this mode, some quests are of indefinite length and end when the quest goal is achieved. Others have assigned a set number of moves. Players can earn experience that improves their attributes and abilities depending on the cooperative performances of the player group.
Single Player Mode: Players gain experience based on their individual achievements.
Cooperative mode (including single player): a 100% cooperative game, with an artificial dark player.
RPG Mode: The dark player is omniscient (like a classic RPG master).
Open Map Mode: Scenarios without a grid floor.

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