Euthia Resurrected Returning Dragonslayer Pledge Kickstarter Edition English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives

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Specially designed for returning backers to get the brand new game content at a $25 discount! If you're a returning backer (ie you backed the Euthia Kickstarter 2020 and already own the main game) and just want the new game content (including the unlocks), this is for you.

Expand your Euthia world and fight the dark forces corrupting the land with the big box Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows Combo Expansion. That's two expansions in one!

💀Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows Combo Expansion (2-in-1!)
1 New & unique hero (Eltrea)
5+ infinitely replayable scenarios
35 large miniatures
40+ modular map tiles
255+ cards
170+ tiles
250+ tokens
2 custom hero dice
1 Custom Necroma die
🙏Blackwash mini upgrade!
🎁Printed Dwurt Die
🎁New Trade & Scenario Board
🎁Necromancer Hero Kit
✅All Daily Unlocks

All Euthia Resurrected content (including the new Core Box) is available exclusively on Kickstarter.
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