Foundations of Rome Roads of Fortune Expansion Kickstarter English + Stretchgoals

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Cunning architects must pay attention not only to what lies within Rome's borders, but also to what lies beyond those borders. The edges of the city, previously considered the least valuable pieces of land by your fellow architects, are now connected to the outside world. Traveling merchants, diplomats, philosophers, soldiers and vagabonds approach the gates, eager to share their knowledge and services! Control of Rome's borders means control of untold riches coming to the city.

In Lucky Streets, players are rewarded for maintaining majority control of the edges of the board by unlocking powerful new abilities on a variable set of street tiles. Completing the Foundations of Rome expansion, the roads are compatible with any combination of the existing modules, including the Gardens of Ceres solo challenge. Roads of Fortune also features a number of quality improvements such as: B. Component tile upgrades and new player aids.

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