Hoplomachus Victorum English

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We write the year 79 AD. Seers have learned of the impending eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and those skilled in the mystical arts have made incantations to prevent the catastrophe that will claim thousands of lives. However, these actions have angered Pluto, god of the underworld, who vows to bring about even greater destruction if earth's strongest champions fail to complete a series of tasks in a realm of grueling combat.

Hoplomachus: Victorum is a standalone title by Chip Theory Games. It uses CTG's acclaimed combat system from the Hoplomachus games and adds new twists with an emphasis on heroes and campaign play. A solo game only, Victorum offers a deep, rewarding adventure with deep strategic decisions and exciting combat. Set in the epic and mythical world of Hoplomachus: Victorum, this edition will combine the combat mechanics fans know and love with beautifully updated story, art and design.

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