Euthia Resurrected Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows Combo Expansion (2-in-1!) Kickstarter Edition English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives

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Expand your Euthia world and face the dark forces corrupting the land with the big box Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows Combo Expansion. That's two expansions combined in one!

What's included:

πŸ’€ Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows Combo Expansion (2-in-1!)
1 New & unique hero (Eltrea)
5+ infinitely replayable scenarios
35 large miniatures
40+ modular map tiles
255+ cards
170+ tiles
250+ tokens
2 custom hero dice
1 Custom Necroma die
πŸ™ Blackwash mini upgrade!
βœ… All Daily Unlocks

All Euthia Resurrected content (including the new Core Box) is available exclusively on Kickstarter.
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