The Bad Karma: The Curse of the Zodiak - New World Hero Set KS Exclusives English Xplored

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The Bad Karma: The Curse of the Zodiak - New World Hero Set KS Exclusives English Xplored

This hero set includes:

The musician
The surgeon
The pistolero
The "Seamstress"

These four Victorian heroes are alternate playable characters that can be used in place of the four main heroes or freely mixed with them and the other alternate heroes in the set.

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The story of The Bad Karmas spans the past, present and future. Our heroes are reborn generation after generation throughout the story to protect the world from the unstoppable curse of the Zodiacs.

The New World, the land of opportunities. Driven by greed and power, an unlucky businessman makes a false pact with fate and unwittingly summons twelve astral travelers, the fearsome Zodiacs. Four reincarnated spirits of great warriors must reclaim their past and fight once more before it's too late.

After the "Incident", heroes from distant universes gather in our world to join the fight against the Zodiacs, bringing with them their special abilities and weapons.

The musician

A talented violinist who inspires allies and unsettles enemies with his music.
In addition to cheering the crowd, he can use the Crescendo action to increase the positive effects on himself and his allies. He is the only character capable of exploiting the Zodiac's armored side, inflicting negative conditions or giving chances to his allies when he hits them.

The surgeon

A field medic with melee abilities, hitting hard with her saw and applying special effects with her experimental syringe crossbow.
Whenever she takes damage in any way (including from herself), she gains a condition called Eureka! with a value equal to the damage received.
Every time a certain value is reached, she has an epiphany: three powerful cards appear in her mind and the player can choose one to add to their pool.

El pistolero

A southern gunslinger with high mobility that deals heavy damage at close and mid-range.
Its main property is called Combo: this effect always has a condition that must be met, such as "You must be behind the Zodiac" or "You must be in melee combat with the Zodiac".
Each time this condition is met, the damage of all his attacks is permanently increased.

The "Seamstress"

She is a deadly spy disguised as a seamstress. Under her elegant dress she hides a lot of sneaky tricks.
On the battlefield, she uses her target's weaknesses to deal additional damage and increase the value of conditions already inflicted. She usually works alone, as most of her gadgets help her stay alive and easily leave melee combat if necessary.

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