Maladum Dungeons of Enveron Starter Set English Kickstarter

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If you're in the mood for an epic new game, grab the Maladum Kickstarter Edition, packed with everything you need to play and more.


It includes the Dungeons of Enveron Starter Set plus over 30 Stretch Goals at an exclusive Kickstarter price!

It contains the complete Vaults of Enveron terrain set


Maladum is a fantasy miniatures board game in which you control a group of adventurers trying their luck in the ancient dungeons of Enveron.

They must defend themselves against the Revenant hordes and negotiate with a variety of NPCs in search of valuable artifacts.Maladum is based on the best-selling sci-fi Core Space, but has been reworked and updated to match the fantasy theme and the to do justice to the rich history. Like Core Space, Maladum takes place on a detailed 3D game board with award-winning Battle Systems terrain included in the box!

Your adventurers will return to town between games, where the exciting campaign system will follow your party's fortunes, develop their skills, upgrade their gear, and tell their story.

-Description of the publisher

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