Mythic Battle Pantheon 1.5 Thermopylae Battlefield

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Kickstarter Edition of Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5: Battlefield of Thermopylae. Contains 1 double-sided 60cm square card plus 1 scenario (Kickstarter Exclusive). Please note: Unless otherwise stated, paid extensions from the Kickstarter campaign are not included.

Hera, tired of Zeus' infidelity, decides to take revenge and sets the Titans free on Mount Olympus. In the ensuing battle, the power unleashed by the combatants ignites in a burn that shakes the earth. In the ensuing deflagration, the weakest gods are obliterated and broken down into the small fragments of their power that made up their essence. The stronger could withstand total annihilation, but even their immense power could not save them completely. As the survivors fell from the Shattered Mountain, the slivers of their divinity and the remains of those who did not survive were scattered into the four corners of a now-shattered world.

As they awoke, each god found himself a mere shadow of his former self. They were still powerful, stronger than any mortal that lived, but they were no longer omnipotent, no longer immortal. Each of them sensed the fragments of power that had now fallen to earth, and that by collecting these fragments, they could regain their former greatness and stand at the head of a new pantheon, if only they amassed enough of it, one in their own likeness would be shaped.

The world around them suffered as much as they did, for the power unleashed in the epic battle had unleashed a cataclysm that turned the beautiful land of Greece into a barren wasteland. Athens is burning, Crete has sunk beneath the waves of the turbulent sea and immortal Olympus is a cinder-covered wreck of its former glory. But this event did not only affect the Mortal Realms. The underworld trembled under the blow as a legion of new souls poured down the River Styx. Had that been the extent of the underworld's involvement, however...

Hades, having lost most of his power, no longer rules the underworld. The gates of Hell stand open, and though the River Styx prevents the weakest of souls from returning to the mortal world, the strongest warriors, the mightiest heroes, and the most vicious monsters have managed to make their way up the Styx and back to the surface battle.

As a new power struggle erupts, the gods call to their side mortal survivors, returned heroes, and monsters reborn in their pursuit of the shards of their lost power.

In Mythic Battles: Pantheon, it is these clashes between the warring forces in the midst of a post-apocalyptic Greece that are at the heart of the game. Choose your god, deploy your warbands and take on your enemies with the might of the most powerful beings in Greek mythology at your back.

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