Mythic Battle Pantheon 1.5 Dionysus Expansion + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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With Dionysus, we didn't want to create a combat-oriented unit, but rather a control-oriented unit that represented opulence and chaos.

Let's start with the Orgiastic Procession ability, which aims to simulate the arrival of Dionysus accompanied by one of his processions. This power gives the player multiple troops, which in turn have many activation cards. The goal is to support the idea of ​​opulence, which is underscored by the number of "Martial Art" cards that Dionysus brings, as well as a high number of life points.

The Satyr Children also help Dionysus control the map as they all have the Block talent. However, we cannot imagine that they manage to shield their enemies not through physical strength, but because the units in their areas are too busy drinking their wine and feasting.

The power of the satyr children makes it clear that Dionysus is not there to kill the opponents by fighting, but on the contrary, so that they lose themselves in the chaotic bliss of happiness. This power significantly disrupts the opponent's position and provides Dionysus with significant control over the map.

If the Satyr Children can't attack or collect gems, it's probably because they're busy serving wine to all units in their area. This is represented by their Block talent, as we saw above, but also by the Troops Reinforcement talent and the intoxicating power of the Dionysus. This power can wreak havoc on your opponent's cards by forcing them to discard cards from their deck.

It is clear that Dionysus can be a technical entity due to its low mobility, which requires careful placement on the map. Despite this, he is omnipresent on the field and has the ability to disrupt the opponent's strategy. Coupled with the fact that he can send out satyr children to bring him omphalos (simulated by the Gem Collector talent), victory can be achieved by acquiring omphalos.

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