Mythic Battle Ragnarok Gods of the North Conan Add-On English

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Conan: Gods of the North leverages the material that Conan players already own on top of the core Mythic Battles Ragnarök game. So, Conan players only need this add-on, the MBR core game, and any version of Monolith's Conan board game to play with this expansion.

1 30+ page softback booklet containing the latest Solo/Co-op rules (from the upcoming Tome of Skelos), 4 brand new scenarios for Adventure mode, and 4 brand new Solo/Co-op scenarios that combine into a put together progressive campaign.
70+ Overlord tiles associated with the Mythic Battle Ragnarök Core Box miniatures. All are renamed from their MBR counterparts as we want to stay as close to Robert E. Howard's words as possible.
15+ Hero Sheets that come with the Mythic Battle: Ragnarök Core Box Miniatures
10 new maps (equipment and spells) appropriate to the northern reaches of Nordheim.

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