Mythic Battle Ragnarök Nidhogg Expansion + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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Nidhögg lives between the roots of the world tree. This strange being spends its time attacking the bark and siphoning the sap from Yggdrasil, devouring the corpses of Oathbreakers in the snake-walled fortress of Naströnd and waiting for the end of time - then it will carry the dead on its wings . But of course the end of time has come, and Nidhögg plans to enjoy himself while the world crumbles.

With 5 recruitment points, he is one of the most expensive monsters in the game. With 8 attack and defense stats, 1 range and 2 movement, and being a flying unit, it is built for war. Block, initiative and terror round off his martial abilities, which he will certainly use with his 5 activation cards.

His active ability, Malefic Strike, allows him to make a 5-dice attack at range 1 (or less) at the end of his activation with no possibility of retaliation.

His second ability, Lord of Roots, is a passive ability that reduces the opponent's Defense by 1 point when they fight back. Also, any attacker that wounds him at range 0 loses 1 vitality point.

An expansion to Mythic Battles: Ragnarok and includes:
- 1 Titan-sized miniature
- 1 dashboard
- 3 3D Tidal Wave tiles
- 5 activation cards
- 1 A5 scenario booklet

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