Mythwind Gameplay All-In Mythdrop English Kickstarter

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Mythwind Gameplay All-In Mythdrop English Kickstarter

Mythwind is a persistent, asymmetrical and cooperative board game in which you become a pioneer in a whimsical fantasy world.

Players take on the unique role of a pioneer attempting to create a new community. Each role a player can choose in Mythwind is completely unique - one can be due to action selection, the other to deck building or worker placement - the roles are 100% asymmetric. The game relies on the passage of time and the development of the player's skills and possessions to create an immersive and persistent world.

Mythwind is a true open-ended game. It sets up in less than five minutes, and whenever you want to end your gaming session you can pack it away without losing any of your progress. The game lives and grows as you spend more time developing your character and building the city.

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Core Box (Mythdrop)
Expanded Horizons Expansion (Mythdrop)
Magical Miniatures (Mythdrop)
Event card pack
Wind of Magic (KSE stretch goals)

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