Nova Aetas: Renaissance - Under Siege Expansion + Stretch Goals + KS Exclusives German

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Nova Aetas: Renaissance - Under Siege Expansion + Stretch Goals + KS Exclusives German

May 5, 1527 is a day that will be remembered forever: one of the bloodiest and most famous sieges in history, the sack of Rome.

The Imperial Army, led by General Frundsberg and made up of the Landsknechts, ruthless mercenaries from Germany and Spain, is about to invade Rome to plunder it and capture the Pope... Only you can stop it!

Years after the main campaign of Nova Aetas: Renaissance, in Under Siege you'll find your favorite heroes more mature and engaged in an impossible mission! In this new campaign, consisting of 10 new frenetic missions, you must face the desperate task of withstanding the imperial onslaught and rescuing the pope before it's too late... but you must be smart and brave, because the enemy army is not just human!

Each mission will be a race against time, always with different mechanisms to deal with the massive clashes between the defenders of Rome (including the miniatures of the Kernbox faction of Rome) and the ruthless attackers!

In Under Siege you'll find 4 new tiles and new scenic elements that represent Renaissance Rome, such as the spectacular Aqueduct/Gateway to the City/Passetto (an elevated secret passage)!

Under Siege also features a new hero, Brynhildr the Lancer, a German-born warrior who came to Rome to help the Pope against his former countrymen.

Finally, Under Siege introduces the allies to NAR! Allies can be added to your company and help you on missions. Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, the brave captain defending the Eternal City, can join your party as a standalone model and you can control him like an additional hero, albeit with more limited rules.

There are also fantastic new miniatures, new special items, and new rules to represent the German flood sweeping through the city's neighborhoods!

Defend the Eternal City from the fearsome Landsknecht siege in a series of fast-paced missions that will test your skills!

Under Siege features a new campaign consisting of 10 exciting new missions, featuring a new faction of enemies, new 3D props and allies, and a new hero: the Lancer!


21 enemy miniatures
1 werewolf miniature
1 Ally Miniature
1 hero miniature
35+ cards
4 map tiles
2 Hero Bows
1 Hero Skill Sheet
4 3D landscape elements
1 rule book

-Description from the publisher

Expected delivery: Q2 2023

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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