Nova Aetas: Renaissance - Vesuvio Expansion with all Stretch Goals and KS Exclusives German

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Nova Aetas: Renaissance - Vesuvio Expansion with all Stretch Goals and KS Exclusives German

Our heroes must investigate the volcano's surroundings to find traces of the mysterious cult of the Blacksmiths, a gang of possessed people who are waging ferocious attacks in the area!
The members of this cult inflict horrific tribal mutilations on themselves to resemble the gargantuan creatures they worship.

The Cyclopes are the real protagonists of this new adventure. Master smiths but also powerful warriors, led by their king Vesuvio, are in search of ancient artifacts scattered on the slopes of their volcano, and to find them they do not hesitate to attack villages and towns!

It is up to our heroes to research and end this menace on an adventurous journey that will take them through the buried streets of ancient Pompeii to the heart of the volcano where the forge of Vesuvio is to be reignited!

This rich expansion adds a new campaign that can be played between the end of the main campaign and Under Siege, and adds a new faction, the Forges, consisting of the Scarfaces, the main Cultist, obsidian beasts (bigger!), Cyclops and of course King Vesuvius himself!

The campaign consists of 10 new missions (completely reworked from the original), can be completed with 4 different endings and takes you to new fantastic locations enhanced by new 3D scenery elements (such as the half-ruined houses of Pompeii or the obelisk of the forge) and two new map tiles!

The volcano Mount Vesuvius has awakened and the mysterious Blacksmiths cult is harassing the populace in search of ancient relics, led by their monstrous masters, King Vesuvius and his Cyclopes!
Will you be able to restore peace to this land plagued by fire and flames?

Vesuvius adds a new campaign consisting of 10 fiery new missions, with a new faction of (big) enemies and new mysterious locations to explore!


9 enemy miniatures
1 Vesuvio miniature (62mm)
2 Cyclops miniatures (55mm)
35+ cards
2 map tiles
4 3D scenery elements
1 rule book

-Description from the publisher

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