Resident Evil Bleak Outpost Expansion KS Exclusives English Steamforged Games Preorder

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Resident Evil Bleak Outpost Expansion KS Exclusives English Steamforged Games Preorder

What's in the box?

🩸 Neptune Boss Monster Mini (80mm Base)
🩸 Plant-42 Boss Monster Mini (80mm Base)
🩸 11 double-sided game tiles
🩸 Bleak Outpost Rulebook
🩸 More than 100 cards

The mansion isn't the only residence on the site, and escaping to the courtyard doesn't lead to safety. Explore dark new spaces with the Bleak Outpost expansion!

In front of us is the guardhouse and below it the Aqua Ring research facility.

An unlikely presence haunts this place - a plant that has grown to monstrous size, its deadly tendrils threading through the building, just waiting to sprout. And beneath the humble structure, a deadly aquatic predator prowls the flooded halls in search of any sign of life...

An eerie sight lit by lightning. Are you brave enough to explore this strange world?

🩸 Face off against two huge new bosses so big that they take up multiple squares

🩸 Explore the Guard House and Aqua Ring in exciting and thrilling new scenarios

🩸 New tile graphics for the guard house and the aqua ring

The Sinister Outpost expansion takes you to the strange places found within the grounds of the mansion. There you'll encounter flooded tiles, undead insects, the savage Neptune, and the constant threat of Plant-42's tendrils pulling you down...

This expansion adds 8 hours of gameplay to your campaign by adding new areas of the castle to explore and new scenarios that take place during the events of your campaign. Also, new mechanics will be introduced and two huge bosses will be released!

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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