Too Many Bones Unbreakable English

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The evil scientist Nobulous Grint is dead, but the land of Daelore still haunts his cruel deeds. A bitter war has erupted for control of the Fracture, the vast underground cavern created centuries ago by one of the mad inventor's experiments. A brave group of Gearlocs have invaded this subterranean labyrinth to bring peace to their land and stop the ancient power of the Rift that, if left unchecked, could corrupt Daelore forever.

Too Many Bones: Unbreakable is the second standalone expansion for the hit dice role-playing game Too Many Bones. Featuring two new Gearlocs, an all-new Lava battlemat, and the challenging villains, imaginative encounters, and strategic gameplay the series is known for, Too Many Bones: Unbreakable is the perfect introduction for new players and veterans of the series alike. Regardless of your experience level, you will find new challenges in the depths of The Break. Can you defeat the subterranean tyrants before their power erupts to the surface?

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3 neoprene mats
96 individual dice
72 weighted chips
1 thick weighted chip
65 health chips
4 plastic game pieces
137 PVC cards
4 PVC reference sheets
2 PVC folding boxes
3 covered dice trays
2 covered chip trays
1 rule book

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