Unsettled Planet 004 Yendraal Gamefound Edition

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Explore the galaxy and its planets.

Plunge into a labyrinthine coral construct, but be careful not to upset the ground you're walking on.

Yendraal is a planet-sized mass of sentient coral that floats through space. Crisscrossing the mass is a series of colorful, life-filled tunnels that intersect and connect cavernous pockets, each housing a different wondrous assemblage of creatures.

However, be careful in your activities, because an ancient consciousness pervades every corner of this world. The resources you need are there and wondrous discoveries await, but claiming them will require a strange new kind of diplomacy.

Things you can find here:
coral towers
Chamber of Etheric Constellation
Smart Nebula
Swinging Eels
Bubbling Flame Pearls

Note: This expansion is a community designed planet that was created during the Kickstarter promotion.

- Description of the designer

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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