Unsettled Scientific Fascinations Module Gamefound Edition

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Explore the galaxy and its planets.

Give in to your idiosyncratic intrigues... perhaps at the expense of your crew... in the hope that your mind can solve what others have failed to.

Take the risk - use the insights you gain to fill in the mysterious gaps you've been pondering all your life instead of using the application intended for the task at hand. If your intuition serves you as well as your reason, then let curiosity guide you to understanding instead of just thinking rationally. There's more to life than what you've been taught.

-Description of the publisher

With this module, each time a player gains an insight, they can build their personal fascination instead. Every time you complete the fascination bar, the player gets the reward on their fascination board. So, the player decides whether to pursue their fascination reward at the expense of understanding and breakthrough opportunities.

Eight fascination panels are introduced in this module. At the start of the game, each player chooses a fascination board and places it on their player board.

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