Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils and Kings Elite Pledge + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusive English

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Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils and Kings Elite Pledge + Stretch goals + KS Exclusive English

This Elite Knight Set includes the Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils and Kings Core Game with all applicable Stretch Goals and Daily Goals unlocked, and the Major Expansion, Ten Thousand Succulent Fears.

base game
Ten Thousand Succulent Fears main expansion

Kingdoms Forlorn is the latest epic massive board game from Into the Unknown, offering an immersive co-op and solo experience for 1-5 players! Fight your way through a dark medieval fantasy world, through deep, innovatively structured stories and endless villain pranks! Customize your knight and play with your home group, or pack up and take your knight to playgroups around the world! Co-op, solo, roaming from campaign to campaign, following a story or embarking on unwritten legendary hunts, you decide how to play!

200+ hours of narrative gameplay, 1000+ unique illustrations, dozens of unique giant miniatures, hundreds of maps.

Tactical, escalating battles with bosses and mobs, strategic forays into forgotten kingdoms, intense collaboration with hard co-op, branching adventures, and deep, personal narratives. Unscripted hunts and a co-op experience that allows you to play with your knight anywhere and with anyone, regardless of campaign and tier differences. A bold, dark medieval world with much knowledge and secrets to be uncovered.
Kingdoms Forlorn is a 1-5 player solo dungeon delver with a focus on loot. Kingdoms Forlorn focuses on personal stories and brief forays into the eponymous kingdoms.

Into the Unknown builds on the co-op system, which gives advantages to the next player in turn order, allowing for a greater sense of cooperation.

You explore forgotten kingdoms, fight against huge monsters or gangs of minions, loot, craft, duel and maybe even achieve fame and fulfill your heart's desire!

Kingdoms Forlorn explores forgotten medieval kingdoms that are rediscovered and knights, noble and base, venture out in search of power, treasure or redemption to create their own legends.

The game is inspired by dark fantasy titles like Dark Souls, Diablo and Game of Thrones. Their latest project, Aeon Trespass Odyssey, is very reminiscent of Kingdom Death, with many unique elements and an adventure board.

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