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Izanami no Mikoto (Japanese: the woman who invites') and her brother Izanagi no Mikoto (Japanese: the man who invites') are the central primordial gods (kami) in the Japanese creation myth of the origin of the world. They were a pair of brother-sister gods who appeared after heaven and earth emerged from chaos. According to legend, they created the first land mass in the primeval ocean when they touched the water with a spear while standing on the floating bridge of heaven.

The diorama model consists of 10 parts with a special base - assembled approx 70 mm high in standard size.

Available complete as a diorama, Izanami individually with a different base, or her skeletons as a set of 5 models, for painters, board games, tabletop and RPG.

3D printed with high quality UV resin and 0.04mm layer height for sharp details without staircase effects, with little to no support marks. Material color: Gray
Scaled for 28-32 mm gaming

We print and clean each miniature by hand to ensure the quality for our customers and everything is checked before shipping.

You will receive a miniature with a smooth and clean surface.

The model comes unpainted and not assembled.
©The models are copyrighted by Clay Cyanide Miniatures and are offered as an officially licensed seller. https://www.myminifactory.com/users/ClayCyanide
❌Any items additionally used in the sample images are not included in this purchase.
🛑 Items are not intended for children. These items are used for tabletop miniature wargaming.

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