Tanares RPG Essential Box White Slipcase Kickstarter English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives Dragori Games

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Tanares RPG Essential Box White Slipcase Kickstarter English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives Dragori Games

Get the Campaign Sourcebook , the Tanares and Adventures in the Realms of Madness Player's Guide in a sturdy slipcase that includes a deluxe main screen and an A1 double-sided poster map of the world and the Imperial Capital !

The white slipcase is a limited edition with a reduced print. It features elegant white dragon scale texture markings and a lenticular dragon eye blink.

Welcome to Tanares, a high-fantasy campaign setting for the 5th edition of the world's greatest RPG. In nearly 1,000 pages, the book features a richly detailed world, four unique, bold, and extensively tested new classes, four original races, hundreds of unique illustrations, and hundreds of subclasses, spells, abilities, and backgrounds - and more. It also serves as an expansion to Arena: The Contest and Tanares Adventures, you can experience the power of these new features as new classes, subclasses and races as the miniatures also come with everything you need to play them in our board games as well .

Experience the majesty of the new Gold Dragon and the new, fearsome Penumbral Dragon, ready for battle in the boss-versus-boss mode included in the Dragon Collection Expansion. Meet the warlords from Arena: The Contest in new, exclusive miniatures, complete with new cards. Face the horrors of new enemies from Penumbral Plains.

Whenever war was fought in Tanares, the bloodshed summoned a powerful, enraged dragon that buried the civilizations involved, resetting history and changing the landscape forever. This dystopian world is kept on a short leash by an empire that bans large armed gatherings. Under this decree, and without many high-level adventurers, your team can become one of the most powerful units in the world. Create an adventurer team sheet, earn career points and level up, design a headquarters and flag.

Alter all aspects of the scenario, be it with your 5E party or through solo mode! Become a hero, change the fate of the world and take your game to the next level.
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