Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds Games English Kickstarter Edition

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Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds Games English Kickstarter Edition

The highly anticipated standalone expansion to the critically acclaimed 1-6 player cooperative game series, Maximum Apocalypse.

It offers the same addictive survival gameplay but adds two different campaigns that offer many new twists in terms of dealing with the elements and interacting with other survivors.
Wasted Wilds can be played as a standalone 1-4 player campaign, or combined with the content of any other Maximum Apocalypse game or expansion to support up to 6 players. The survivors from Maximum Apocalypse, Kaiju Rising, Gothic Horrors, and Jurassic Perils are all playable in this game. Plus, each of the new Wasted Wilds survivors can also be played in the other Maximum Apocalypse games!

If you're new to Maximum Apocalypse, it's a cooperative roguelike game of adventure, exploration, survival, and strategic choice. It was designed from the ground up to be highly modular and infinitely repeatable. Maximum Apocalypse has inspired an RPG and spawned numerous expansions that include everything from bugs to C'thulhu to Kaiju. There's a vast wasteland to explore, and Wasted Wilds was designed to be the perfect place to start! The Frozen Wilds campaign guides players through a mission-by-mission tutorial that helps new players get started on the adventure.

-Description from the publisher

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