Tindaya Deluxe Kickstarter Edition + Strechgoals + English Exclusive

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Tindaya is set in the paradise now known as the Canary Islands in the early 15th century. The conquistadors have only just entered it. Each player must lead a native tribe to survive in a god-ruled world plagued by natural disasters.

Tindaya is a themed survival adventure with the soul of a Eurogame. This eco-conscious game features two game modes to suit any group: Cooperative (also solo) and Competitive, in addition to Traitor variant for players who like to have their throats slit. The level of difficulty can be scaled, and less experienced players can learn the game through a 3-game mini-campaign.

Over 3 phases, the natives will settle, evolve and fight invaders, all in a mythological setting ruled by two gods, Acoran and Moneiba. In each phase of the game they demand certain goods. When the natives are unable or unwilling to provide these, their divine wrath is unleashed. But players are not alone: ​​two seers can make predictions by reading the smoke from their campfires. Tibiabin will see the coming disasters. Tamonante will predict where they will take place. The disaster tokens are placed on the game board to indicate what is to come.

End of the game: In cooperative mode, players check whether they have completed their common mission. If so, the gods are satisfied and all the natives win the game. In competitive mode, Solidarity Points are awarded to players who have donated more to the community, used fewer resources, or achieved both collective and personal goals. The player with the most points will win the game.

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7 catastrophe minis
6 trays with lids
3 D8 dice
124 cards
1 rule book
2 player aids
212 cardboard pieces
224 wooden parts

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