Total War: Rome Centurion Pledge Base Game English Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals

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Based on the critically acclaimed video game Total War: ROME: The Board Game masterfully blends military strategy, tight area control, secret deck building, tech tree development, diplomacy, intriguing table talk and much more!

Choose to lead Rome, Carthage, Greece or Gallo-Germania in an intense race for 25 Victory Points! Players use their military might to conquer lands, claim territories, expel natives, build large armies (in secret!), engage enemies in military and psychological warfare, and take strategic casualties. Players will also invest heavily in economic power, unlocking tech tree skills, funding regional improvements, constructing structures, and cautiously raising taxes - but don't piss off your people!

Choose paths for your agents - the "jacks of all trades" at your disposal. Agents can spy on an enemy army and uncover its exact composition. Agents can also trade with allies, negotiate treaties, assassinate enemy generals, incite riots in enemy territories, and even bribe! Who will YOU lead to victory and glory?

1 game board
200 gold cubes
20 disruption tokens
36 wooden regional improvement markers (12 barracks, 12 markets, 12 walls)
40 action cards
55 Mercenary cards
4 initiative cards
20 combat dice
1 D10 cube
275 faction unit cards (55 Rome, 55 Marian Rome, 55 Barbarians, 55 Carthage, 55 Greece)
40 Generals (8 Rome, 8 Marian Rome, 8 Barbarians, 8 Carthage, 8 Greece)
4 faction tiles (1 Rome, 1 Barbarians, 1 Carthage, 1 Greece)
48 control markers (12 Rome, 12 Barbarians, 12 Carthage, 12 Greece)
48 faction dice (12 Rome, 12 Barbarians, 12 Carthage, 12 Greece)
20 army miniatures (5 Rome, 5 Barbarians, 5 Carthage, 5 Greece)
12 agent miniatures (3 Rome, 3 Barbarians, 3 Carthage, 3 Greece)
8 naval miniatures (2 Rome, 2 Barbarians, 2 Carthage, 2 Greece)
1 rule book

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As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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