Warcrow Adventures Giant Mornmab Expansion Kickstarter English Stretch Goals KS Exclusives

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The Scions of Yaldabaoth sculptors' most monstrous and fearsome creation: the giant Mornmab

Something terrifying lies beneath the ground at Hawthorn Point, unbeknownst to the citizens. The Scions of Yaldabaoth sculptors' most monstrous and fearsome creation, the Giant Mornmab is a colossal beast of living flesh that waits chained beneath the buildings of the coastal city. Now he's awake, incredibly angry and threatening to destroy everything in his path.

Our heroes must join forces and face the terrible threat posed by the giant Mornmab to save Hawthorn Point and its inhabitants!

The Giant Mornmab is an expansion that contains a large 165mm miniature accompanied by a side quest in which you face this fearsome creature. The box contains only the miniature, as the enemy card and its initiative tile are included free of charge for all players who have received at least the base pledge. The mission will also be available for free to all players.

1x Giant Mornmab PVC Miniature

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