About Us

Who and what is LuxurInk?

We: passionate gamers, paint minis (since 11 years), paint for others (since 8 years) and sell games and 3D printed minis (since 4 years)
It all started in 2012, with the first game that had miniatures and we wanted them to be painted. So we bought a few colors first.
After a few years and buying a lot more paints and games and miniatures (oh, and an airbrush) we got painting commissions.
Then we discovered terrain and other 3D stuff and how much more alive it looks and makes it even more immersive to play. So we got 3D printers (never trust someone who tells you about ONE printer... they come in packs :-) always!) and learned how to make it, all the little and sometimes bigger things for them great board and role-playing games and for painting.
At this point we came up with the idea of ​​offering this to others as well – and while we were at it, games as well. There are so many ways to get cool and special games and 3D print files, but for people who find Kickstarter too insecure or takes too long, who don't have a 3D printer or who don't paint, it's like having a part of the special experience that luxury in games would miss.

We bring more luxury to games with color and ink...

... and this became LuxurInk! 

Design your own experience - make your gaming unique!


We find interesting and mostly exclusive games on Kickstarter and Gamefound, bake them and then sell the games to you within the EU without any risk of additional costs such as taxes, customs duties or postage - yup, postage free too ;-)

We buy licenses for 3D models, both for tabletop and roleplaying, as well as for painters and collectors, create printable files, print them to order in high quality with ABS-type resin (makes them more shatterproof) or with filament for building, washing, cleaning and send them to you - size/scale and sometimes other things like bases are customizable.

On request we also offer a painting service.