6 Siege Fresh Recruit Pledge Basic Game English Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusives

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6 Siege Fresh Recruit Pledge Basic Game English Kickstarter Edition with all Stretch Goals and KS Exclusives from Mythic Games Reservation

The core game of 6: Siege - The Board Game. Includes 20 Operators, 3 game modes, a double-sided map and all related components, PLUS all daily unlocks from the Kickstarter campaign!

Agents from various task forces are recruited and trained in Team Six to avert a global crisis. They compete against each other in friendly matches, either as attackers or defenders.

Combine unique operators to form powerful squads, deploy them on destructible maps and lead your team to victory! The action is deadly and will keep you in suspense!

The FreshRecruit pledge is essentially the core pledge for 6: Siege - The Board Game. If you choose this promise, you will receive:
o 6: Siege - The board game main box
o All daily unlocks of the core box
o Free access to companion application
o Includes 1 free code to unlock the exclusive Mythic Games skin for Tachanka in Rainbow Six: Siege video game.

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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