Aeon Trespass: Odyssey Onward Odyssey Expansion KS Exclusive English

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Aeon Trespass: Odyssey Onward Odyssey Expansion KS Exclusive English From Into The Unknown Reservation

Onwards Odyssey is a new storybook made up of two mini-cycles, one set after Cycle I and the other after Cycle II. These are not campaign extensions! These are new, separate stories with a more relaxed atmosphere - after all, you've won each cycle - now you can take the journey across the map a little more leisurely.

New special adventure hubs tell new, uplifting stories of people grappling with the end of each of these cycles. Of course there are still dangers in the world, some of which are brand new, but the way you approach them is different.

With new stories come new rules. The already mentioned new travel rules that allow for a more relaxed pace, completely new rewards and penalties for adventures and new themed battles.
Since the Forward Odyssey stories are set after the appropriate cycle, you won't be able to access the normal cycle hubs... but you will be able to play some of the adventures from R&R, Dreams of Pharos and relive Forward Odyssey you missed.

To keep things interesting, however, there is a caveat to the Odyssey Forward! As you progress from one cycle to the next in normal play, your base Argo's stats will replenish - not so in the Odyssey Forward! So if you're left empty-handed and salvaged victory from the clutches of defeat at the last moment, you'll hardly be able to rebuild your ship and crew before heading to Lakonia or Delphi.
Onwards Odyssey is over 50,000 words of stories, rules, battles and mysteries!

This is a Wave I exclusive item, meaning just like the Gamechanger or Core Game, it will not be available when the PM for Wave II opens. We don't want the Onwards Odyssey expansion to delay shipping ATO. So if we manage to print it in time, it will ship alongside the ATO core game; if for any reason we don't make it in time for shipment, it will be shipped as a downloadable PDF file with the game and a separate physical copy will be shipped with your next order (including Wave II).

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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