Altar: Realms of the Gods Pantheon Pledge Kickstarter English + Stretchgoals

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Long ago, when humans were still primitive, gods ruled the world. Submissive people served their idols, who wanted to gain more and more power through the blind faith of their followers. However, the arrogance of the gods and their constant clashes led to their decline and near extinction. The last survivors hid in oblivion, awaiting their return, more powerful than ever.

In the years that followed, humanity thirsted for knowledge and understanding. This triggered the awakening of the gods, who demanded eternal faith and obedience to regain their power. Soon, epic battles between the gods spread across the world and humanity descended into chaos.

The Dark Ages returned more tyrannically than ever. The gods and their followers fight for supremacy. Who will be the last god to rule mankind? Will this god bring light, love, war, fear, or eternal darkness?

The fate of the world is in your hands!


Altar: Realms of the gods is a card game for 2 to 5 players. During the game you fight against enemy gods and try to protect your realm. Your goal is to build sanctuaries and discover the hidden altars in your god's realm to activate them and make your god the most powerful of them all and win the game!

Each player chooses a god and takes the game board representing his realm. When it is a player's turn, they must first draw a card and then perform 1 main action:

Use a card's ability (e.g. activate an altar, draw additional cards, destroy opponent's altars, etc.), perform a ritual to build a sanctuary and place it on its god's realm, or worship a god. In worship, a pendant is placed face up next to his god's realm to show where he activates his abilities and protects himself from enemy gods. In addition to the main action, a player may perform any number of free actions.

The game ends when a player builds at least one sanctuary and discovers and activates all the altars in his god's realm.

-Description of the publisher

- Core box
- The Pilgrim's Road Expansion
- One Must Prevail Expansion
- Great Old One's expansion
- Textile playmat
- Stretch Goals

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