Apex Legends: The Board Game Solo All In Pledge English Kickstarter Edition + Stretchgoals + KS Exclusives

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- Core Game
- Kickstarter Exclusive Loba Expansion
- Full team expansion
- Squad I Expansion
- Squad II expansion
- Supply Miniatures Expansion
- Playing mat expansion
- Card Sleeve Pack
- Solo And Co-op Expansion
- Stretch Goals
- Diorama bases

Apex Legends: The Board Game is a highly competitive, intensely tactical team vs. team miniatures game for 2-4 players. Each round lasts around 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of players and the game features chosen. Using an original engine and innovative framework, the game authentically captures the voice and imagination of the Apex Legends video game, successfully bringing to life the stakes, thrills and kills of the battle royale experience.

The gaming experience takes place on the Kings Canyon map and focuses on the final zone where the ultimate confrontation takes place. Each player takes on the role of a unique legend. Players activate one team at a time, trying to outsmart the enemies in the heat of battle and recreate the unpredictable, memorable moments familiar from the original game by securing key locations on the map, valuable loot seconds before the other player grab it, or maybe duck behind cover or a shield just in time to save a teammate from oblivion...

Once activated, each Legend can perform basic actions such as movement, interaction, deployment, and attack. In addition, players can use their Legend's unique abilities (both combat-oriented and utility ones) to their advantage, as well as a set of Legend-specific skill cards. The key to victory lies in forming a well-assembled team, where Legends complement each other on the battlefield and use all available strategic options.

Once the team activation is complete, it's not over! When it is the opponent's turn, the legends can react to their opponents' actions with instant and reaction cards. Reactions allow a player to react when he or his teammates are being attacked by taking cover, recovering their shield, or assisting an ally. When the condition for an instant card is met, the player can activate it to thwart the opponent's next turn.

Every decision, every move and every piece of ammunition counts!

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