Cinan Haven Modular Building 1C4T WTC

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Are you fascinated by ancient Egyptian cities and futuristic cyborgs?

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary world where antiquity and the future collide in a breathtaking spectacle. These modular buildings are perfect for use in tabletop games, dioramas or as collectibles. The designs are highly detailed and crafted with Egyptian motifs and cybernetic elements, creating a unique aesthetic that is sure to impress.

Cinan Haven Modular Buildings, WTC, Miniatures, Accessories and Bases

Created by Tales of Damocles's Avatar Tales of Damocles
Cinan underground haven focuses on modular buildings, WTC, miniatures, accessories and bases.

Modular Buildings
- 30 structural shapes for 3+ floors buildings (PLA)
- 75 walls (PLA exteriors with structure!)
- Stairs and windows (PLA outsides with structure!)

Attention: We only offer these models in PLA printing, so the walls/windows only have structure on the outside!

On request you can choose the wall design (see pictures of the individual floors), the standard wall models are shown in the pictures.
If you want other walls, please write it when ordering or contact us ;-)

Base area 21 cm x 20 cm - height of each level 7.7 cm

Since we produce on request due to the size of the models of this type and the long printing time of several days, the delivery time is 1-2 weeks on average.

We print and hand clean each miniature to ensure quality for our customers and everything is checked before shipping.

You will get a miniature with a smooth and clean surface.

The model is delivered unpainted.

©The models are copyright of Tales of Damocles / William Touret and are offered as an officially licensed seller.

❌Any items additionally used in the sample images are not included in this purchase.
🛑 The items are not intended for children. These items are used for tabletop miniature wargaming.

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