Core Space Firstborn Fury of the Insane God Expansion english

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1 Mad God miniature (over 120mm tall!)
2 guardian miniatures
2 character boards
7 status missions
3 reward counters
20 equipment tiles
5 event cards
Briefing & Rules Booklet
Dissatisfied with the Old Gods, a fanatical faction of the Firstborn created their own extremely powerful and nearly indestructible gods... This expansion adds one of those Mad Gods, standing over 120mm tall and flanked by his two massive Guardians!

In the new narrative campaign, a renegade True Born faction seeks to awaken a mad god and tells the tale of how your intrepid merchants save the galaxy from his wrath. The god is engineered to span the terrain, representing his phenomenal power to reform the living rock as he moves, and with impressive new event maps and new gear to speed up your games, this is a challenge that's never been forgotten your dealers should not miss.

Requires Core Space: First Born Starter Set to play.

The exciting campaign system accompanies your team from game to game, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment and immersing you in their story.
First Born is fully compatible with the original game. The figures are supplied unpainted.

-Description from the publisher

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