Cyber ​​Odyssey Alone Against the Machine Expansion English Kickstarter Edition

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In this miniatures game, you take control of a team of 3 specialized agents investigating the open world of New Eden.

Cyber ​​Odyssey is an open-world cyberpunk board game that focuses on investigation.d

Play as a faction leader, recruit agents and send them through the 5 districts of New Eden to find out what's going wrong in this city...

Round after round, during a set number of days, players will choose between a large number of actions to collect clues or benefits. You can even fight for these on separate tactical boards.

If a player manages to collect all the clues before everyone else, he wins. Otherwise, each player adds up their clue points, giving the final score.

This is an expansion, the base game is required to play.

As this is a crowdfunding project, we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

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