Drums of War: The Epic Battle Game + Exclusive Stretch Goals English Kickstarter

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Created as a weapon against the enemies of the gods, the humans wage war against the orcs in their struggle for their territory.
The orcs, once stripped of their freedom, will never be subjugated by anyone again.
Choose a side and lead your army to victory in dynamic and tactical games pitting asymmetrical armies against each other, whose units are represented by maps on the battlefield.

The clock is ticking, your troops are waiting for you... The drums of war are beating!

Drums of War features two completely different armies with different gameplay strategies and multiple heroes for each side.

Units, gear, and tactics are represented by cards that you must play from your hand, gradually depleting your deck.

In Drums of War, you pay the cost of deploying your units with cards from your hand. Your deck is your resource!

In two-player or solo games, in 30-minute skirmishes or in campaign mode, enjoy the game for ages 10 and up.

All cards have unique abilities on the battlefield that, if used correctly, will give you the edge you need to defeat the opposing army.

Drums of War Game
Exclusive Book
Initiative metal tokens
All unlocked Stretch Goals

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