Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint Invation Pledge Kickstarter Edition English

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Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint Invation Pledge Kickstarter +Extensions English

Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint is a 1-4 player sci-fi dungeon crawler in which players complete covert missions against an invading alien force bent on conquering all of Earth.

The world is in chaos. Alien enemies are attacking military bases around the world, crushing any resistance that stands in their way. They attack indiscriminately and show no mercy. They call themselves the Xethan, but where they came from is a complete mystery. One moment they just weren't there and the next they start global conquest. If they came from space, there is no sign of it. None of the expected signs of aliens transiting the stars, such as orbiting spacecraft, were observed. In fact, the Xethan don't seem to use vehicles at all in their attacks. Instead, they rely on short-range portal technology far beyond anything we've ever seen, allowing them to teleport short distances while bypassing many of our defenses.

But the situation is far worse than that. The Xethan are backed by an insurgent faction of human terrorists who describe themselves as supremacy and appear to be collaborating with the alien invaders and betraying their own species.

It has only been six months since the Xethan first appeared and they have already taken over a large number of military bases across Europe. If their advance is not halted, the human race may well fall victim to these alien invaders. Someone has to stop her.

We are that someone. Now is the time. While the world is still reeling from this unexpected onslaught, we have not been idle. We have united as a species to recognize this greater threat to our very existence. We are no longer just splintered factions of rival groups; we are no longer separated by our differences. Humanity has never stood together like this, united, arm in arm, walking towards this one mission together. We have become AEGIS, an allied force made up of countries across the globe to confront this threat. We will no longer remain on the defensive. Now it's time to stand up and show the Xethan that humanity won't give up easily. Now, at this point in history, we're hitting back.

Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint missions have a heavy focus on stealth, covert action, and sabotage. Players are AEGIS Operational Personnel, and their missions focus on infiltrating enemy facilities using every available method, such as: These include turning off the electricity, using ventilation shafts, using silenced weapons, and hacking the enemy database.

Players will develop their agents and headquarters over the course of a campaign of more than 30 missions, while following the story deeper and deeper until they uncover the enemy's true nature and origin.

Each turn, players perform their Operational Actions by expending one of their six Action Tiles until they run out of tiles or decide to pass. However, players must use their action tiles wisely, as they usually only get three tiles back each refresh phase.

Each Operator has a unique deck of Tactics cards that give them access to powerful actions and effects. Each player develops these decks as the campaign progresses, allowing them to tailor their play to a specific style or combination.

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