Eldfall Chronicles Scheme Cards English

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This deck contains 50 additional scheme cards.
Schematic cards are useful for almost any quest that players choose. Each adventure limits players to how many cards they can draw at certain times in the game. Some schemes are common to all factions, while others are restricted to a specific faction.
The cards are a way to spice up the gameplay. Each adventure already has certain conditions that players must meet in order to receive so-called victory points - the winner's merit!
The schemes add additional conditions that players can fulfill during the game in order to receive victory points.
In most cases, the opposing player doesn't know what plans you're brewing and only finds out at the end of the game. At this point, players look at how many of their plans they have successfully completed and reveal the result to the opposing player(s). Even if the fight seems to be heading in a certain direction, intrigue can change the outcome! At the end of the game, the victory points are counted and the winner of the game is determined.
The maps can be played not only in PvP or PvE mode, but also in co-op! This allows players to team up and gain more Victory Points and get more resources to buy upgrades as the game progresses!

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