Elements of Inspiration Critical Rolls Bundle RPG English Kickstarter Edition

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This 300-card box set contains five 60-card decks that introduce a variety of new effects for the triumphant natural 20 and the dreaded natural 1, including GM and player critical hit effects, critical misses, and a new lucky mechanic for out-of-combat critical throws .

Put some new energy into your fight! Sure, double damage is pretty awesome when you get a critical hit, but what if your players could take double damage and chop off the orc's arm?! What if you could impose persistent effects on your players? What if gaming sessions could get more action-packed?! Well, good news! These decks add a host of new outcomes for both the exciting 20 and the dreaded 1!

When your monsters land a critical hit, you draw a random card from the deck for additional effects! These include sustained damage (bleeds), temporary and permanent roleplaying hints, temporary conditions, attribute and skill changes, extra attacks, and of course extra damage!

52 cards for use by the GM against the players
4 different outcomes per card depending on damage type: slash, pierce, slay, or magic
208 amazing critical hits!

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