Elements of Inspiration Objects of Intrigue Box Set RPG English Kickstarter Edition

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This collection of decks can be used to generate random battles and non-combat encounters in dungeons, cities, underground areas, bodies of water, and wilderness areas. Each card has four possible outcomes for added versatility.

Add fascinating objects to your games! The cards can be drawn for pre-game inspiration or during the game session to advance the story and plot!

What wondrous things do you expect to find as you delve deep into the dungeon? What strange objects might be waiting for you in the wilderness? What incredible artifacts are hidden beneath the waterways? What hidden relics lie buried deep, deep beneath the earth?

Objects of Intrigue is the latest addition to the Game Master's Toolbox. It consists of four unique decks of cards, each showing a different area where players can find something interesting. Each card has multiple outcomes that you can choose or roll from. Cards are categorized as good, neutral, and bad for even more versatility.

Good cards come with some kind of reward, e.g. B. an item, a reinforcement or useful information. Neutral cards provide opportunities for storytelling and role-playing, such as B. subtle hints on side quests and other information that can change the course of the party. Bad cards bring a disadvantage or a challenge, e.g. B. a curse, a trap or a monster encounter.

There are 52 cards per deck. Each card is designed to be versatile and fit into almost any situation to answer players' age-old question, "What do we find?"

These four decks are designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, but can be used with most fantasy RPGs. We have several levels of support that best fit your gaming budget. Please check out the project, share it with your friends and help us reach our goal!

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