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In this city he has made the pride of Kaan, the Ilkral has eyes and ears on every corner. He is a beloved ruler, but there is an ambition within him that will not rest until all Kaan has bowed the knee. I fear he will burn our homeland to ashes and scatter it to the winds if she stands in his way.

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is a mystical cooperative action-adventure full of twists and turns, with an expansive story and intense combat played out in sub-hour episodes.

The game offers an accessible, RPG-like board game experience for 1 to 4 players. Meaningful narrative decisions and action-packed battle scenes are at the heart of the game. You slip into the role of a hero and fight your way to victory with back flips, double blows and attacks! The app-driven story will have you navigating a city steeped in intrigue, and your choices will ultimately determine the fate of the empire.


Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is an action-adventure game for newcomers and experienced players alike. This app-driven game immerses you in a rich and intricate fantasy RPG world without the need for a GM, while still managing the significant learning curve of many dungeon crawlers.

The length of each game session is flexible. You can easily play through a fight and multiple story scenes in an hour, or immerse yourself in an exciting adventure with your friends all evening.

After completing a carefully curated tutorial that will help you get started in the campaign, you will be faced with increasingly difficult situations and surprising encounters in which you must use your hero's abilities to their full potential in order to succeed. The story adapts to the outcome of each battle, taking you down different paths across its sprawling ramifications, giving you a unique experience with each playthrough.

During your journey, the app guides you like a real gamemaster. She remembers your choices and acts on them, often when you least expect it. She also takes care of all the administration, telling the story and creating the right atmosphere so you can focus on the game and be the hero of your adventure.

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Fateforge: Chronicles of Khan Limited Deluxe Edition
Clash of the Immortals Expansion Deluxe Edition
Boss Miniature Set
Encyclopedia PDF
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