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🚀 Embark on an epic journey with Galactic Renaissance! 🌌
🌟 Are you ready to explore the great unknown of space and forge your destiny between the stars? Galactic Renaissance, the exciting board game, is waiting for you!
👉 Recruit unique specialists!
🌠 Discover new planets and civilizations!
💡 Strategic Gameplay: Explore, expand and seize opportunities to dominate the competition and become the true lord of the cosmos!

🏛️ Establish diplomatic relations!
⚔️ Take part in cosmic conflicts!

During the Galactic Renaissance process, you build your team by recruiting unique specialists from the core of your deck, each with their own special abilities. Together with this team you will explore new planets and systems, make contact with lost civilizations, expand your influence, establish embassies and stir up unrest in the enemy factions - all with the aim of gaining more victory points than your opponents. By sending emissaries to new planets, you have the opportunity to discover new civilizations or strengthen existing relationships with known planets. Your opponents may try to convince a planet to join their own emissaries, thereby causing unrest.

After Inis, Galactic Renaissance is the second part of the "Political Trilogy" by designer Christian Martinez and publisher Matagot.


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