Goddess Athena with Owlking by Clay Cyanide Miniatures D&D Tabletop Wargames Painters Greek Mythology

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Athena or Athena, often nicknamed Pallas, is an ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, craftsmanship, and warfare.

Part of the miniature set Greek Gods & Goddesses by Clay Cyanide Miniatures.

The model consists of 6 parts; Athena (4parts), the owl, and a 60mm base - assembled approx 80 mm high standard size.

Available complete and the owl with and without base separately, for the painter, board games, tabletop, and RPG.

3D printed with high-quality UV resin and 0.04mm layer height for sharp details without staircase effects, with little to no support marks. Material color: Gray
Scaled for 28-32 mm gaming

We print and clean each miniature by hand to ensure the quality for our customers and everything is checked before shipping.

You will receive a miniature with a smooth and clean surface.

The model comes unpainted and not assembled.
©The models are copyrighted by Clay Cyanide Miniatures and are offered as an officially licensed seller. https://www.myminifactory.com/users/ClayCyanide
❌Any items additionally used in the sample images are not included in this purchase.
🛑 Items are not intended for children. These items are used for tabletop miniature wargaming.
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